Customised Trainborne Enclosures on show at Railtex

Trainborne Enclosures

As well as trackside enclosures, Bernstein will also be showing how products modified with its ‘Custom’ service are also widely used in trainborne applications on Stand R11 at Railtex 2015.

Bernstein’s extensive Rail industry expertise has resulted in the company’s involvement in a number of high-profile projects such as Crossrail where its robust enclosures are used to securely house technologies including TPWS, WSP and HABD.

Leading control and safety consultant, Hima-Sella, uses a modified CA350 aluminium enclosure to house the ‘reader’ in its award winning Selective Door Opening System, Tracklink III.

Bernstein’s Business Development Manager, Paul Sharp, says, “Hima-Sella needed to ensure the sensor located underneath each carriage could detect a stationery tag whilst maintaining the required IP66 rating – this was not possible using a purely aluminium enclosure.

“We solved this issue by cutting out most of the top of the lid and fitting a flame retardant polycarbonate facia plate which allows the RF signal to penetrate and communicate with the tag.”

Hima-Sella Tracklink Enclosure

The enclosures Hima-Sella uses for Tracklink are all machined in-house using Bernstein’s CNC machining facility. External studs are then fitted and the enclosure is pre-treated ready for powder coating. Once the powder coating is complete, Bernstein technicians fit the mounting bracket and polycarbonate facia plate which is sealed with a special gasket to ensure IP66 compliance.

Hima-Sella’s Product Development Manager, Neil Reedy, comments, “We have worked with Bernstein for a number of years and have always found the team are willing to help us with any issues we may encounter whilst developing new products. The Custom service enables us to procure the exact enclosure for our specific requirements without having to outsource elements to third parties - allowing us total control over the quality of our product.”

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