Safety potential of Bernstein Switches and Sensors highlighted at Railtex

Platform Screen Door Sensors

Most interfaces where man meets machine, or in this case where passenger meets train, have the potential to pose a threat to safety. However, Rail is widely regarded as the safest form of land travel thanks to the development of a number of products designed to keep passengers safe.

Bernstein will be showcasing how its Safety Switches and Sensors are used in wide-ranging Rail applications on Stand R11 at Railtex next month.

Managing Director, Rob Emms, says, “Bernstein specialises in developing solutions to identified problems using our extensive expertise of switches and sensors. We have worked in the Rail industry for a number of years and are proud to count some of the biggest names in the industry as customers.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity Railtex will provide for us to discuss the potential of our products with key decision makers from within the industry in an effort to keep more passengers safe on the UK’s Rail network.”

The company’s I88 positive drive limit switch is used to secure Platform Screen Doors to ensure they only open when it is safe to do so. These doors are subject to demanding operation cycles, meaning detection switches must perform dependably whilst complying with strict platform regulations at all times.

Blind Spot Safety Sensors
Dual Door Monitoring
Bernstein Safe Gate

Sensors including the Photoelectric OR20 are used in Blind-Spot Safety applications by a number of leading companies such as South West Trains to detect objects trapped in closed doors prior to departure. The retroreflective sensor alerts the driver to any obstruction in the doors so it can be dealt with before the train leaves the station - helping to prevent injury to passengers and even loss of life.

Another application that uses sensors from Bernstein is Dual Door Monitoring which is used extensively throughout the UK’s rail network, including on the London Underground.

Train doors may not close securely if the closure mechanism fails when only one door is monitored. Bernstein’s solution to this problem was to fit a secondary monitoring switch with a special actuator from the GC range to the slave door, helping to ensure the secure closure of both doors.

SafeGate, Bernstein’s solution to protecting pedestrians at user operated crossings, uses a solenoid locking safety switch (SLK) which was originally designed for machine guarding applications. Working by electromagnetic force, SafeGate uses a monitored solenoid switch to hold gates closed when a train is detected – removing the element of choice for pedestrians and significantly reducing risk.

Please contact our sales team to find out how Safety Switches and Sensors from Bernstein can help keep Rail passengers safe.