Light curtain

;Compact design - device cross section only 36 x 45 mm ;Adjustable mounting holders ;Can detect a finger at 14mm resolution, a hand at 30mm or a body at 70mm, depending on capability ;Safety light curtains are extremely easy to set up and can be aligned without the use of tools ;Complete type spectrum Type 2 and Type 4 in accordance with EN 61496, Parts 1 & 2 available ;SOC2 for control categories 2 or 3, SOC4 for category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 ;Protection class IP 65 ;Simple blanking programming and muting activation available ;Fail-safe PNP outputs and potential-free solid-state relay ;Matrix display for diagnosis purposes with SOC2 and SOC4 ;M12 plug connection (5-pole transmitter, 8-pole receiver)