BERNSTEIN AG looks back on an eventful past that is directly linked to Germany’s most recent history.

During the Weimar Republic, the Bernstein brothers Hans and Herbert founded the company "Monopol" in Leipzig that produced and manufactured low voltage products for electrical building services control systems.

After the end of the Second World War, Hans Bernstein and his family moved to West Germany. He founded the company "BERNSTEIN Spezialfabrik für Schaltkontakte" in Porta Westfalica, from which the internationally known BERNSTEIN group developed.

The company soon made a name for itself as a manufacturer and distributor of electromechanical components for signal acquisition and pre-processing.

In the course of the company’s history, BERNSTEIN has been closely involved in all of the most important technological developments to today’s industrial safety technology.

Hans-Joachim Bernstein, the eldest son of Hans Bernstein, has played a major role in shaping the company's subsequent track record of success, first as managing director of the different BERNSTEIN GmbHs and afterwards as Chairman of the Executive Board of BERNSTEIN AG. Under his management, the company "Spezialfabrik für Schaltkontakte" was developed to be today's internationally active technology group.

The family owned company is now in the third generation with Nicole and Achim Bernstein being members of the Executive Board of BERNSTEIN AG. As an experienced consultant, Gisela Bernstein also supports them on the Executive Board.