Safety Relays & Controllers

BERNSTEIN offers a range of Safety Evaluation Devices relays - SCR, SCR Di, SCR P & SEU-T

The SCR safety relays are used to reliably evaluate signals, such as those generated by position switches, safety switches, safety latching devices, safety rope pull switches, safety sensors or 2-hand controllers

The safety relay (SCR DI) combines three devices in one: It is a safety controller for the OSSD outputs of the sensor chain (SRF and SEU), a diagnostic module and an IO-Link gateway. It can safely monitor a series connection consisting of SRF and / or SEU and provides the diagnostic data.

The programmable safety controller of the SCR P series is a smart alternative to the classic safety relays. Due to its multitude of applications it can replace various safety relay modules. This saves not only costs but also time, wiring effort and space. Up to 5 possible safety circuits with a max. of PL e, thereof 2 circuits with innovative DCD diagnostics allow logical connections to distinctively shutdown certain parts of a machine. Extensive diagnostic information can be retrieved via the Ethernet interface.