With its long tradition in manufacturing enclosures, BERNSTEIN combines superior enclosure technology, designed for encapsulating a diverse range of applications, with modern and variable suspension systems. An extensive range of aluminium and plastic terminal boxes as well as the wiring and circuitry in standard and control enclosures conforming to specific customer requirements round off the product portfolio.

The BERNSTEIN industrial enclosure range consists of aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate enclosures with protection class options IP66 & IP67 as well as the high protection IP68 enclosure. Also available is our extruded aluminium (AluComp) range which offers a high strength, highly customizable enclosure with a sleek, modern design.

BERNSTEIN control enclosure range offers an extensive choice of high quality aluminium ideally suited for HMI applications. The single wall design of the CC-3000, 4000 and 5000 neXt control enclosures allows for great heat dissipation.

To compliment the control enclosure ranges BERNSTEIN offers a range of suspension systems capable of taking heavy, medium and low loads. All suspension systems are compatible with control enclosure range and fully interpretable with your current system.