SMART Safety System

If a machine or system is equipped with BERNSTEIN SRF safety sensors and/or SEU emergency stop switches, a series-switchable variant is very often selected in order to reduce the wiring effort and costs of the system. Together with the programmable safety controller SCR DI, BERNSTEIN provides the basis of a smart complete system for safeguarding machines and systems: The SMART Safety System. During the development phase, BERNSTEIN paid particular attention to the patented DCD diagnostic system, which provides comprehensive data of each connected unit

In connection with the retrofit of older systems, for example, it is necessary to integrate the mechanical emergency stop devices that are often still present into the series connection. BERNSTEIN’s smart T-adapter solves this dilemma: it enables series connection in order to reduce the number of safety relays without having to comply with TR24119 (fault masking). Incidentally, it also makes the mechanical emergency stop switch DCD-capable.