Safety technology, switches, sensors and enclosures for industrial automation applications. Solving applications with custom services including bespoke enclosures, cable assemblies, contract manufacturing and custom assemblies.

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Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains use multi-beam light barriers to safeguard access points without the use of physical barriers. Light beams invisible to the naked eye are used to detect the presence of unwelcome items in the protected area triggering the machine to automatically shut down if necessary. Able to detect a finger at 14mm, a hand at 30mm and a body at 70mm – safety light curtains are highly effective at preventing accidents in the workplace.

Available with pre-programmed blanked areas suitable for use in applications which may include fixed items within the protected zone.

Prevent workplace accidents without using physical barriers

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Rope Pull Switches

Rope Pull Switches

Whether on the production line or used on a machine – when production areas need maximum safety, rope pull safety switches provide a proven and reliable technical solution. SRM rope pull safety switches can be deployed anywhere, are easy to install, and very straightforward to use.

Maximum safety when you need it most

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The versatile ISO 14119 compliant CSMS (contactless safety monitoring sensor) uses RFID technology to offer the highest level of protection (high-level coding) against guard manipulation – ensuring safety doors and protective guards remain closed. CSMS offers excellent diagnostics which enable open guards and system errors to be quickly located and rectified – keeping machine operators safe, whilst minimising production down-time.

IP67, TUV certified, no safety relay required, impossible to manipulate

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Control Enclosures & Suspension Systems

Control Enclosures & Suspension Systems

Modular, functional and ergonomic - control enclosures are used to encapsulate operator control panels, industrial computers and display components.

The slim line CC-5000 neXt offers great design, as well as high performance and can be configured in a number of different ways and customised to match all manner of corporate identities. The CS-3000 neXt suspension system combines functionality with modern design and components and is designed to work with CC-5000 neXt.

Protection in its most beautiful form

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Industrial Enclosures

Industrial Enclosures

Stainless steel, polycarbonate, GRP and aluminium enclosures rated to IP66, IP68 and IP69K – the high pressure, high temperature wash down rating which provides complete protection against contact with internal electronic or electrical components, full protection against infiltration of dust, and protection from high pressure water jets or steam jet cleaning (80–100 bar).

  • Lightweight
  • UV stable
  • Rated to IP66
  • High impact resistance
  • VO and IP67 rated
Die Cast Aluminium
  • Wide range of colours
  • High impact rating
  • IP67
Stainless Steel
  • High impact rating
  • IP69K

Complete protection for a huge range of industrial applications

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Safety Switches for Machine Guards

Safety Switches for Machine Guards

Safety guards must be kept closed until the hazards posed by machine movement ceases. Safety position switches with interlock functions or separate actuators ensure that safety gates, safety doors and other protective guards remain closed as long as a hazardous situation exists. For hinged guards and hoods a safety hinge switches allows adjustment or even resetting of set points after a guard has been damaged, avoiding expensive safety hinge replacement costs

Conforming to: EN 1088, EN ISO 12100-1, 12100-2 and the compulsory Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Performance and reliability

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Foot switch

Foot switch

Bernstein footswitches are a high quality product developed with over 50 years of experience. Available in single, double and triple pedal operation in both die-cast aluminium, and high grade thermoplastic. Bernstein Ltd's footswitch range offers extremely long life and mechanical stability. With a wide range of additional extras available, as well as bespoke customization there is a footswitch available for nearly every application.

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Optoelectric Sensor (O)

Optical Sensors

Bernstein offers Through-beam, Retro-reflective and Diffuse reflective sensors that comply to the standard EB 60947-5-2.

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Capacitive Sensor (KC)

Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive sensors have the ability to detect both liquid and solid, in conductive and non-conductive forms. They are ideal for monitoring, detecting and counting objects. As well as detecting positioning and levels of substances in containers.

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Inductive Sensor (KI)

Inductive Sensors

Inductive (aka eddy current) sensors offer non-contact detection of metal substrates. Bernstein inductive sensors are available with metric thread and smooth cylindrical housings. As well as Rectangular housings.

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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

Bernstein ultrasonic sensors offer high precision sensing and large distance monitoring in a rugged thermoplastic housing. Due to the high sound intensity that is possible with ultrasonic sensors, even the smallest of objects can be detected.

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Bespoke Enclosures

BERNSTEIN can customise standard enclosures or design & produce new, bespoke enclosures. Our products, customised for your applications.

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Cable Assemblies

BERNSTEIN produces & tests cable & wire assemblies, with combinations of virtually any type & size of single or multi-core cable.

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Machine Safety

Machine risk assessments

We undertake machine risk assessments with control measures that spell out the actions that you will need to do to make a machine safe, referencing relevant machine safety standards.

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