Quick-Fix from BERNSTEIN eliminates the need for rope cable stripping

Quick clamping device for rope pull switches optimised and rethought

On the assembly line, in the production line or directly on the machine - when it comes to maximum safety, the rope pull switches from BERNSTEIN AG are a reliable and proven solution for quickly averting a potential hazard and bringing a plant to a standstill in an emergency. The company has recently added the SRO (Safety Rope Pull), a particularly small and compact version, to its family of safety rope pull switches. With immediate effect, BERNSTEIN is also offering its "Quick-Fix" quick clamping device as an accessory for the SRO - named QF-40.

"With the Quick-Fix quick clamping device, the installation time of the rope is drastically reduced. The otherwise necessary thimbles, rope clamps and turnbuckles can be omitted. The customer can also quickly retighten the rope," says Philip Aumann, Head of Product Management at BERNSTEIN, explaining the idea behind the Quick-Fix quick clamping device.

The special highlight is that the rope no longer has to be stripped in the clamping area for tensioning. It is now possible to insert and clamp the rope with an outer diameter of up to 5mm directly together with the sheath - an enormous saving in time, tools and costs, which now applies to all quick-action tensioning devices for pull-wire switches from BERNSTEIN, as the previous systems have also been completely overhauled and adapted.

The name "QF-40" of the new accessory especially for the SRO stands for the length of the integrated turnbuckle in millimetres with which the fine adjustment of the rope tension can be made - in this case 40 millimetres. "For the other pull-wire switches in the product family, Quick-Fix has already proven itself and is very popular with our customers. We are pleased to be able to offer the system now completely overhauled and optimised for our smallest pull-wire switch, the SRO," says Philip Aumann.

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