SMART Safety System - Diagnostic data now also available via iOS

The diagnostic data of the SMART Safety System from BERNSTEIN can now also be read out via iPhone. The corresponding app "SRF Diagnose" can be found in the iOS app store. The counterpart for Android devices has been available for some time.

About the SMART Safety System:

If a machine or system is equipped with BERNSTEIN SRF safety sensors and/or SEU emergency stop devices, a series-switchable variant is very often selected in order to reduce the wiring effort and costs of the system. Together with the programmable safety evaluation SCR DI, BERNSTEIN provides the basis of a smart complete system for safeguarding machines and systems: The SMART Safety System.

The advantage of this system is the patented diagnostic system DCD, which provides extensive data of each connected device and visualises it via app.
Among other things, this data can be used to quickly and precisely identify which door or which emergency stop has been activated. Another important benefit is the quick diagnostic option for finding faults and simple support during commissioning. This is possible for every employee who is equipped with a smartphone and the APP. This significantly reduces the costs for downtimes or commissioning times.

BERNSTEIN regularly adds further components to the "SMART Safety System".

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