New SEL54 door contact switch offers splash water protection in all installation positions

BERNSTEIN is launching a door contact switch that is unique of its kind. This is due to the new SEL54 protection if its internal components from splashing water from all directions in accordance with IP54, regardless of the installation position.

"The SEL54 can be turned and rotated as our customers like. Splash water still has no chance of getting through the seal," confirms Manuel Pollock, Technical Director at BERNSTEIN AG. With the new door contact switch with protection class IP54, BERNSTEIN has further expanded its successful SEL product series. Incidentally, thanks to the design of the contacts, every activation has a cleaning effect. Dirt, dust or oxide layers are rubbed off and the electrical contact is thus reliably established.

"Our SEL product family door contacts have a mechanical life of 10,000,000 activations," says Manuel Pollock. "So if a lift door were to open 1,000 times a day, the corresponding door contact can be used for over 27 years before it would have reached its mechanical end of life."

Lift technology has always been an important part of BERNSTEIN AG and has shaped the company's history like hardly any other industry. Quality made in Germany" has made a name for itself all over the world over the past decades and the characteristic red BERNSTEIN switches and door contacts characterise many lifts and escalators.


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